Mussel soup - flavourShellfish powder exhibits a splendid effect even when added in small amounts to a variety of seafood dishes such as the traditional Thai Tom yum soup, Japanese Miso Soup, Noodle soup, French Bouillabaisse to Italian Risotto and Spanish Paella.

Our shellfish powder is created from wild stock of blue mussels, Mytilus Edulis (L.) from the cold and fresh water of the Limfjord (North Atlantic) in Denmark. It is 100% natural - no additives added, and a gentle production process preserves and enhances the unique flavours of the mussel.

Our shellfish powder benefits:

Superior shellfish flavour
Well-bodied taste
Increased capacity to hold water or moisture
100 % natural – no additives
Long shelf life, ambient stable.

For more details and a full product description please view our product sheet on shellfish powder.