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Mussel Powder

Natural taste of the fresh sea. This mussel flavour origins from the wild stock of blue mussels, Mytilus edulis (L.) from the cold and fresh water og the Limfjord (North Atlantic) in Denmark. It is extracted through gentle process of pressurized evaporation and low temperatures that preserves and enhances the unique flavours of the mussel, and finally spray dried to a high soluble powder.

The powder mussel flavour is an "all natural and clean label" product. It is characterized by a fresh and distinct seafood flavour, and is the perfect base for a variety of seafood dishes ranging from the traditional Thai Tom yum soup, Japanese Miso Soup, French Bouillabaisse to Italian Risotto and Spanish Paella. The powder is excellen taste enhancer in various ingredient blends and batters.

Our seafood mussel powder benefits:

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