Mussel soup flavourMussel Liquid

The liquid mussel flavour is an "all natural and clean labels" product. It is characterized by a fresh and distinct seafood flavour, and is the perfect base for a variety of seafood dishes ranging from the traditional Thai Tom yum soup, Japanese Miso Soup, Noodle soup, French bouillabaisse to Italian Risotto and Spanish Paella.

Our seafood liquid is a concentrate from live caught blue shell mussels caught in the North Atlantic. The seafood liquid is perfect and easy in use as main ingredient in industrial applications such as seasonings, marinates, batters, enhancers or any application where the natural taste of the sea is the intended savoir.

The seafood liquid is 100% natural with high nutrition values. It has a superior flavour and can become your recipe to success. If you are interested in a free sample please contact us.

Download our mussel liquid pdf product sheet